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Do you have questions about Christianity, God, or the Bible? Users can ask questions in our questions and answers section to receive Christian answers from real people. Best of all, anyone can answer! Which means you get to choose the best answer that applies to you.

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Get Christian Answers: Question & Answers block (above)

Above you will the “Latest Questions” block along with the “Latest Articles” block. The “Latest Questions” block shows the newest questions that users have asked regarding a variety of topics to Christianity. Users are free to give their Christian answers at anytime, so if you see a question that you have knowledge of, feel free to answer it!

Get Christian Answers: Question & Answer Categories

Our question and answer categories may be updated in the future, but for now our question and answer categories cover common (or general) Christian questions, apostles, questions regarding the bible, business & finance (and how it applies to the Christian), clergy, denominations, family, God (The Father, The Son: Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit), history, holidays, marriage & divorce, prophets and saints, and singles & dating (relationships).

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As for our “Latest Articles” block, this shows the newest articles that have been published and posted to this website. The articles are also meant to provide you with Christian answers to answer common questions that users have. As stated above, our articles are meant to provide you with the best possible answers. They are heavily researched, but if you see any errors then please Contact Us. We do not at this time take article requests, but hope to do so in the future.

Get Christian Answers: Article Categories

Our article categories are similar to the “question & answer” categories: Christianity basics, angels, apostles, bible, Christian life, church, creation, demons, end times, eternity & heaven, family, God, history, holidays, the Holy Spirit (in more detail), humanity, Jesus Christ (in more detail), marriage & divorce (in more detail), prayer, prophets and saints, salvation, sin, singles and dating (relationships), theology, topical bible subjects, and more.

Get Christian Answers: Blog

Our blog is a place for us, Get Christian Answers, to ask YOU (the users/members) questions. We want to hear your answers and opinions! We’ll also post our announcements on there, along with bible study, and possibly some contests to reward you all!

Get Christian Answers: Resources

Additionally, we have Christian resources (such as online Bibles) to help answer any of your questions. Additional resources include our job board and our store.

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